About Ichu Technology Company

Ichu Technology Co. Ltd. was established as a spring manufacturer in 1974 with honesty and teamwork as our core values. Our main mission was to provide the best quality and production capability in springs to our customers. In 2005, we created the Durashox brand as our OEM department, and have served many reputable American and European brands and their suspension/damping related products. We will continue to strive for product innovation and production efficiency, raising the bar for manufacturing in Taiwan.

Key Historical Moments:


Became a member of the Japanese Spring Maker Association.


Became a member of the Taiwanese Spring Maker Association.


Became ISO9001 certified.


Became one of the leading Titanium Springs manufacturers in the world.


Durashox brand established.


Relocated to the Central Taiwan Science Park. Merged the Ichu and the Durashox brand.


Launched the Super Light Weight Suspension Springs.


Super Light Suspension Springs:

In 2017, Ichu launched a new product line using breakthrough forming technology to reduce the total number of coils in a suspension spring, decreasing the amount of material and therefore the weight of our springs.
This innovation in spring manufacturing can have significant effects on energy saving across different forms of transportation.

Titanium Springs:

In 2003, Ichu became one of the leading Titanium Springs manufacturers in the world. Titanium springs not only mean significant weight saving, but also mean better lifecycle. We supply our titanium products to high end consumer products and for the racing community.

Damper/Shock Absorbers:

Our OEM department works with various American and European brands to produce top notch Bicycle/Motorcycle/ATV forks and rear shocks. Located in the heart of the supply chain in central Taiwan, we are able to source cost effectively and shorten your product lead time while maintaining a high level of quality for your brand.
Our ODM department can also help you actualize your design concept. From initial design to prototype, from pilot run to mass production shipping all over the world, Ichu is your partner in success.

CNC/Precision Machined Parts:

Our parts manufacturing department work from a small fleet of highly accurate Japanese 4 axis machinery, deliver the highest quality parts for your high end product. If precision, quality and speed are your chief concerns for your machined parts, Ichu is your answer.