Solar Power Construction And Installation Project Begin in 2018

As a leading spring and suspension OEM/ODM supplier to top international brands, ICHU acknowledges our global responsibility to a sustainable future and commits to Taiwan's green roof policy by building solar panels on the roof of our factory.

The 1,666 pieces solar module construction began in June of 2018, and is expected to complete at the end of September. The solar panel covers an area of 2832.2 ㎡ , install 499.8KW solar capacity in total. The estimate annual electricity production is  700,000 kWh , which is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 360 metric tons per year, equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide that 0.3 million trees can absorb in a year. 

ICHU hopes that by supporting Taiwan government's green policy through action, it will encourage more enterprises to “Go Green” , and achieve corporate social responsibility at the same time.