Manufacturing Process

Spring Department

Raw Material Warehouse

We stock a large selection of ready to use wires for our spring customers. This shortens your product lead time. We use primarily steel from Japan and Titanium from the US. All wire coils are inspected and traction tested on arrival to ensure consistent quality for our customers.

Spring Forming Machines

Capable of producing springs Ø0.1~Ø20.0mmin wire diameter. Our springs are designed to last in excess of 1 million cycles. They are light, and suitable for automotive, military, industrial, building, and machinery applications.

Shot peening Machines

To improve our springs’ product life, it is crucial to use shot peening and other production methods to minimize stress accumulated from the forming process. Our springs can last over 1 million life cycles.


Our fully automated powder coating facility can give your product a harder, more durable finish, our liquid painting offers better color ranges and more vibrant visual impact, while our ED coating provides your products the best defence against the elements. Our high end equipment ensures high reliability and consistent results for your painting needs.

OEM Department


All of our sourced parts and raw material go through extensive IQC process to ensure the final product meet our customers’ high expectations. All of our vendors are thoroughly evaluated and managed.

Automated Parts Picking

To minimize human errors, we invested in an automated parts picking system for our production line. This system will prepare the order based on product BOM, and provide 100% correct parts when human eyes cannot distinguish minute dimensional differences between O rings.


A fleet of Japanese Brother 4-axis CNC provide Ichu with top notch precision in parts manufacturing. Keeping key components in house, we are also better able to minimize the risk of delays and quality issues from outsourcing critical parts.

Automated Welding Robotics

From forming to welding, our robotics automates steel damper tube production and provide welds that can withstand over 6 tons of traction force between the tube and eyelets, making the tubes perfect for motorcycle and ATV applications.